The '86 Field with Fall foliage, just the way it was for Reunion 2009!

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  • 55th Reunion - 2019
  • 50th Reunion - 2014
  • 45th Reunion - 2009
  • 40th Reunion - 2004


Our 55th Class Reunion will be October 10th to 13th, 2019

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Our 50th Reunion will be October 9-12, 2014

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Reunion 2009: October 1st - 4th

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10 Reasons we came to Reunion 2009


  Check out the Knotty Pine!


  You may actually get to see the football team WIN a game! 


 See if you can find your way from Academy Hall to the Biotech
    Building to EMPAC --- at night!


Count how many women there are on campus --- and weep!


Come and see how young all of the professors look.


Troll for Troylets as you head over to Sage.


Dig out your 1960 beanie and come to campus to impress all of the 2009 Freshmen


See if you can walk from the Pittsburgh Building to the freshman dorms.


Stop a current student on campus and ask him (or her) to show you the way to "A" Dorm (or "B', "C", or "D.")


Bring your Class Year Mug and see if you can still drink as much beer as you could when you were a student at the 'Tute.



"Reunion 2004 was a BLAST! We had over 50 classmates attend  the various events. With their wives and families, our class was out-represented only by the 50-year Class of ’54. Congratulations to Mike Wellner  and his committee for a job well done. We entertained the crowd lining the route of the Parade of Classes with a rollicking rendition of The Beatles’ “When I’m Sixty-Four,” starring Mike and three classmates sporting Beatle wigs (for which we were awarded the “Bad Hair” award).  We were honored to have President Jackson and her husband attend only our class dinner. Of course, it helped that Vice President David Haviland  and Dr. Myles Brand, the president of the NCAA, were also there from our class. As Dr. Jackson said when introducing Dr. Brand as our keynote speaker; “We have Myles to go before we sleep!” My wife and I had a good time schmoozing with my old roomie, Robert Page Shaffer, and an old friend from high school years, Donald Breismeister  and a new friend, Nicholas Perakis and their spouses.  I noticed that an overwhelming number of the Class of ’64 attendees at Reunion 2004 were architects. Maybe it was that fifth year that did it! A list of attendees was posted on our class  -  reported by John Shahdanian



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Myles N. Brand (Philosophy '64) President of the NCAA in 2004, former president of Indiana University, and member of the Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame (inducted September 2003) was one of the attendees at Reunion 2004.