Class Notes 2006
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Here's what we did in 2006 -  Please send any news to Mike Wellner so that all can share.

Winter '06-'07  

Had a wonderful long e-mail from Jeff Blair (we actually went to high school together), who has certainly had a most interesting life.  Jeff reports that although he lost his sight over fifteen years ago, he had a thirty-year career with IBM, finally retiring in 1998.  He and his wife Nina are now retired and living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he is the director of Health Informatics for the Lovelace Clinic Foundation.  Jeff has two children, a son who is a lawyer in Florida and a daughter working for non-profit agencies in Falmouth, Mass.  Contact him at

Frank Thiel reports that he is now fully retired, first from Corning Glass (1997) and then from his own consulting business (2003).  Living now in Painted Post, on New York’s Southern Tier, he just celebrated his 43rd wedding anniversary.   Frank was appointed by Gov. Pataki to a seven year term on the SUNY Alfred College Council, and also serves as Chairman of the town zoning board.  With two grandchildren, Frank would love to hear from other class members; e-mail him at  

Henry Gurshman is proud of his receipt of the Equal Justice Medal from Legal Services of New Jersey a year ago (Congrats!), awarded for more than twenty years of pro bono legal services to the disadvantaged in Middlesex County, NJ.  Even more importantly, Henry’s first grandson was born in Atlanta on July 30th, 2006.  A good year indeed!  As long as his pacemaker keeps on working, Henry will continue practicing law in Metuchen, NJ.    Reach him at  

Barry Wintner wrote to say that he is living in Warrington, PA, and interested in all the activities taking place at “dear old RPI.”  He recalls the long, cold winter ice, and slushy walks from the freshman dorms to early morning classes.  Barry was kind enough to express interest in the alumni travel program, and I hope that we can welcome him on one of our trips (check out the Italian Riviera tour!) next year!  You can get Barry at  

Many of you will remember Gary Gulden, who is literally having the best time of his life.  Gary retired from CSC Index Corporation in ’98, and then started his own management advisory firm serving small businesses.  And he is also the chairman of the board of a community school for the arts on Boston’s South Shore.  Although he still technically lives in Hingham (MA), he and his wife of 40 years spend a lot of time in Maine (near the grandchildren), and in Sarasota.  Gary can be found at  

Heard from Dr. Bruce Clayman, who is now the President of the Great Northern Way campus, a joint venture of several British Columbia (Canada) schools, including the British Columbia Institute of Technology. GWNC focuses on collaborative research and innovative academic programming. In April 2005, Bruce was appointed Chair of the federal Interagency Advisory Panel on Research Ethics (PRE).  Check it out at   He is a member of the Board of the non-profit Discovery Parks Trust that operates Discovery Parks Inc., a for-profit company that develops and manages research and development real estate projects.   Obviously his Rensselaer education has stood him in very good stead.  You can e-mail Bruce at  

My good friend Richard Koser and his wife Mary-jane live in the exurbs of New York City, in a wooded area in the charming little town of Croton Falls, NY, in the northernmost reaches of Westchester County.  Rich is still working – for Spherion Support Systems – at the IBM campus in Somers, NY.  He and M-J just returned from a week-long cruise to Bermuda, and got back just before Hurricane Helene paid a visit.  Who said that “timing is everything?”  Rich continues to be a stalwart in the Westchester Alumni Chapter, and would love to hear from fellow alums:  e-mail him at  

As for me, after thirty-five years of living in suburban Westchester County (NY) and being very involved with the Westchester Alumni Chapter, I moved into the “big” city about three years ago, after retiring from a thirty-plus year career in the travel industry.  My retirement has afforded me more time for my RPI volunteer activities, which keep me as busy as I was when I was working.  Living in the city is wonderful – New York provides an endless array of opportunities for adult education, entertainment, dining, theatre, culture, and so much more, and I try and take advantage of it all! 

Finally, in closing, I’d like to thank my good friend John Shahdanian for all his excellent work in his capacity as class correspondent over the last several years.  Now, John, send me some information on your life!  And all the rest of you ’64 guys – please do the same!