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The 'Tute is 190 years old - check the news when it was a young 90 years of age.

RPI Alumni Mastracchio ('87) leaves International Space Station; Wiseman ('90) arrives in 2 weeks

RPI provides the best ROI in Capital District

Over 100 years of The Poly is now on-line in digital form.

RPI degree worth $62.5K on day 1


RPI Athletics Mission Statement

Poly OpEd demands transparency

'08 High efficiency solar panels

'08 Patent Rights

'08 WRPI in NYTimes

'08 Jackson takes heat over layoffs

'06 $100 M  Supercomputer

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Your Classmates Who Made it to the 50th Reunion

For a few more photos, check the Enjoyed The 50th Reunion page or look us up on Facebook.

Read Earl Sedlik's speech at the 50th Reunion here!


After our graduation from RPI it is hard to believe how much water has flown under the bridges of our lives and how much we have accomplished:

  • Serving our country in one of the military branches or the Peace Corps
  • Forging a career
  • Meeting a kindred spirit and creating a family (or perhaps two, or more)
  • Finding time for enriching personal time or travel
  • Considering the idea of slowing down a bit and enjoying the rewards of a life well-lived

This October we had the chance to meet our friends, classmates, roommates, brothers, and those we barely knew as the RPI Class of '64 celebrated its 50th reunion at the scene of the crime in Troy, New York. Check the RPI Reunion page

Or to save some time, check the list of planned attendees - see who intended to come..



The Transit, 1964

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