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Lambda Chi Alpha house in our days

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Reunion 2009 A Success!!!

Our 45th reunion was a huge success with 53 people for the buffet dinner and a fist full of awards:

  • The Chairmanís Award
  • The Class Gift Award
  • The Annual Fund Award

See the full news in the Class Notes for Spring 2010


Fall 2006

 Paul McCartney may have said it best: ďWill you still need me, will you still feed me, when Iím 64?Ē Like most of us, Paul turned 64 this year.  64.  Thatís a magic number for all of us. Itís not only our current age, itís the symbol of all of our college memories (fading though they may be). Who would have thought, in September of 1960, when we gathered at West Hall, that by 1964 the kid playing the ukulele would end up president of the Union. Or that we would go to the NCAA hockey finals two of our four years. And that Myles Brand would head up that august body some day. Or that we would not see a single win on the gridiron during our four-year tenure. But then, there it was: June 1964. They let us into the world with high hopes and a square, red stone on our ring finger. - Insight by John Shahdanian


RPI In the News

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Scientific Literacy

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Poly OpEd demands transparency

Al Hills selected IEEE Fellow in Anchorage

'08 High efficiency solar panels

'08 Patent Rights

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'08 Jackson takes heat over layoffs

'06 $100 M  Supercomputer